NTAG Encoding as NDEF

NTAG Encoding as NDEF

To encode NTAG cards using the NDEF format, there are two things we need to do.

  1. We need to write data to the NTAG chip, this can be done using the ContactlessUltralightExchange plugin.
  2. We need to format the data as NDEF (Nearfield data Exchange Format) so that it can be read correctly.

First you need to extract the plugin files to the installation directory, there will be a visual basic script file to save to the installation directory as well.

In CardExchange Producer, load the card definition wizard and check the option to enable External Plug-ins as below.


When the wizard loads you can enter a name for the plugin, you then need to browse to the plugin dll file you extracted to the installation directory. You also need to enable the option to call the plugin when printing and specify the timing of when the plugin is called.

Once done click finish to return to the card definition wizard and then click next to proceed to the mappings page.
Here select External function input on the left and then highlight the data to write mapping from the list as below.2

Select .net function from the drop-down at the top, then browse to the vb script you extracted to the installation directory and click on compile.

The vb script contains options for encoding NDEF URL records and NDEF TEXT records, whichever you want to encode select it under the function name.

You can then select the value mapping and link it to the desired database column as shown below.




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