Get Your License Activated in Only 3 Steps

CardExchange® software will provide you with your Machine ID you need to activate license. To find your Machine ID, go to your CardExchange® software on the computer you want to activate the software on, and open the activation window. You should see your Machine ID presented in the activation window. Use this Machine ID to activate with your serial number and activation code license information. Once activated, you will get a file called a .lic file. You will download this file and use this in the activation window in CardExchange® you want to use your license on. We suggest saving it to a travel/USB drive. There is a button in the activation window that will allow you to select this new .lic file you just created. Once you have selected this file from the activation window, you will be able to continue with the activation process in CardExchange®.

You can see our CardExchange® Help File page that talks about how to activate CardExchange® with a .lic file HERE

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