Installed Fonts Not Showing

Installed Fonts Not Showing

Missing Fonts

CardExchange® Producer & CardExchange® Visitor check the installed Windows fonts for any possible issues before adding them to the list of fonts when loading the CardExchange® Designer, if any potential problems are detected with the fonts then they are excluded from the list of fonts.

However, it may be that the font is still fine to use, in which case you can type the font name into the font box manually.

The font name shown in MS Word for example is not always the full font name, to double check you can load notepad, select the format tab and then click on font. Here the full and correct font name should be shown.

Incomplete Font List

If the list of fonts is not completely populated (eg.. only fonts are loaded up to those starting with the letter M), the cause of this could be a corrupt/incompatible font.

Loading MS Word shows the full list of fonts and the next font displayed past the last one visible in the CardExchange® Designer is likely the problem, remove this font from the system and all the fonts should then be loaded into the CardExchange® Designer.

Fonts Not Printing Correctly

If the font does not appear correctly when printed, but displays correctly in the preview, then it is likely because you have the option checked under page setup for "Print using GDI+ print engine".

We support the latest XPS print engine from Microsoft, however not all printer manufacturers support this so we default to having the older GDI+ print engine enabled.

One drawback of this is that certain fonts/font weights (eg.. bold, black) as well as things like transparencies are not supported.



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