Go Edition Not Showing Templates

Go Edition Not Showing Templates

On some occasions it can happen that CardExchange® Producer does not install the required files for the Go edition during the installation.
In this case you will get the following view when loading CardExchange® Producer:

Go Edition Not Showing Templates

When you add a card template using the wizard and you have finished designing a card, it asks if you wish to save. When clicking save the designer window will close and nothing shows on the main screen, just blank boxes.

If this happens, please try to proceed as follows:

  1. Close CardExchange® Producer

  2. Rename the current Data directory

    (Default location is: C:\Users\Public\Documents\CardExchange\Data)

  3. Create a new folder called Data in the same location

  4. Download the following file and save it into this new Data folder:

  5. Run the file

This will extract all of the required files into the Data folder, now when you run CardExchange Producer you should see two sample cards loaded.

You should now be able to edit these samples or add new designs.

Note: CardExchange® Producer Go edition is limited to 5 card templates and 200 records, these templates have to be connected to the internal database located in the Data folder.
The card size is also limited to the standard CR80 card size.




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