Transfer CardExchange® Producer To New PC

Transfer CardExchange® Producer To New PC

If you are looking to transfer your CardExchange Producer installation to a new PC, then you can follow the below steps:

  1. Install CardExchange Producer on the new PC

  2. Copy the Data directory from the old PC, by default this is located:


Transfer CE Producer 1

    3. Delete the Data directory from the same location on the new PC and copy in the backup from the old PC

    4. Run CardExchange Producer and check that everything is ok

    5. Enter your original serial number and activation code in the activation wizard to activate to the new PC

Note: If you are asked for an unlock when running CardExchange Producer it is likely because Windows tried to merge the copied data folder with the existing one.
Please make sure that you either rename or delete the existing data folder before copying over the data folder from the old PC.

In some cases the data folder may not be in the default location, for example it may be on a network

share so that it is always backed up.

If this is the case you can check the current path being used for the data folder, to do this you will need to open the CardExchange.ini configuration file from the old PC which is located in the installation directory.

Depending on the original version that was installed this could be either of the below locations:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CardExchange Solutions\CardExchange Producer\

C:\Program Files (x86)\ExchangeIT\CardExchange\

Transfer CE Producer 2

If you open the CardExchange.ini file in notepad you will see an entry for DataDirectory which will show you the current path. If it is a network share then you can simply point the new installation to the same network share, otherwise you can just copy the folder and change the path following the same steps above.

Note: This Data folder is automatically backed up when an upgrade is installed, however we recommend making regular backups of this folder as it contains all of the configuration files/templates/logins etc... for your installation.




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