How can I activate a CardExchange™ Visitor license

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How can I activate a CardExchange™ Visitor license #6489
When you have used our Demo Edition and you want to use it, or you directly purchased our CardExchange™ Visitor application via one of our resellers, you will have to activate the application.
To activate CardExchange™ Visitor you need to have a Serial Number and Activation Code.

The serial number is a five (5) digit number and looks like 23144. The activation code is a 24 digit number and looks like 017DF-116DA-1ABA4-DDF80-CF05F-32D99-371F.

Activating your license is very easy to do. Just start your new installed CardExchange™ Visitor application or start your Trial Edition.
Select the "Activate CardExchange™ Visitor" option and click on the Next button.
Enter your serial number and activation code.
When you have entered your license information, you click on Activate to start the Activation process.

At the moment the activation process starts, you can start registering your license. Registering your license offers a lot of benefits. It offers access to our End-User Help Forum, it informs you about new releases and updates, etc.

When you have provided all information, click Next to proceed to the next page of the registration.

In this page of the registration process you can first indicate if you want to use 30 days of all functionality available in CardExchange™ Visitor, the Enterprise edition. This can be handy if you have, for example, received an Enter edition. Selecting this 30 days trial will offer you an insight to available functionality to determine which edition fits your situation best before buying. All trial functionality will be clearly indicated as TRIAL.

Click Next to proceed to the Final page of the registration process.

During the registration process, your CardExchange™ Visitor license has been activated. Click on Finish to finalize the activation and registration and start CardExchange™ Visitor.

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