Can not find Temporary Photo Path

1 year 1 month ago
Mike Quintanilla
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Can not find Temporary Photo Path #7139
Hi SImon,

Do me a favor, open a support ticket with us and i will personally take a look at this and any other issues oyu are encountering to see whats going on.

Send in an email to our support senter This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to pen a support ticket and provide me with all of you software details such as license serial# and current Version x.x.x.x in use.

Send me details on your issues with screenshots and ill follow up with oyu after i receieve the opened ticket.


Mike Quintanilla
Service and Support
1 year 1 month ago 1 year 1 month ago by Brandon Johnson.
Brandon Johnson
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Can not find Temporary Photo Path #7138
Hi Simon,

I am sorry you are having issues. Could you please share a screenshot of the issue?

Could you maybe try to close the software, then go to the File Explorer and delete the C:\Program Data\CardExchange Solutions\ folder? Do note that Program Data is a hidden system folder, so you will need to have those set to visible to see that folder.

Kind regards,
Brandon Johnson
1 year 1 month ago 1 year 1 month ago by Brandon Johnson.
Simon Freedman
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Fresh Boarder
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Can not find Temporary Photo Path #7137
I regret every second of owning this software.

Nothing is easy.

Nothing works like it should.

After hours of setting up my templates I come to print some cards today and the static image I have from a folder on the laptop no longer shows in any of my templates. I get an error saying it can't find a path to a temporary file.

The file isn't temporary, it's not a photo to be imported, it's a static Jpeg of a QR Code I want on all of my cards.

I do not have the time to waste to fix errors every 2 minutes.

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