Connecting to hosted MySQL on live website

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Mike Quintanilla
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Connecting to hosted MySQL on live website #7147
The name of ANY database source used with CardExchange is arbitrary and can be whatever you need or want.

The name cegateway is used for our Visitor application when creating a MySQL database source for use with that product and used with the internal SQLite database source also used with our Visitor application.

Sounds like you may be looking at the MySQL installation, setup and configuration instructions within the Visitor user guide we provide. This guide is solely used for our Visitor application as the database source used with Visitor requires specific parameters to be in place to connect to.

Our CardExchange Producer Professional supports the following database sources: MS Access (Native), MS Excel, CSV and Text DB, MS SQL (Native), MySQL (Native), DB2 (Native), SQLite (native), PostgreSQL (Native), and ODBC.

CardExchange Producer has no such requirements and simply needs the computer hosting CardExchange to have the proper permissions to seek out and communicate with the database source and in turn the proper read/write permissions.

CardExchange then uses the database source record number as the primary key to manage and maintain the database source to prevent any duplicate or overlapping records keeping the data unique.

I am not familiar with Wordpress but it appears to be a unique flavor of MySQL so it MIGHT be possible to connect to the Wordpress DB when using CardExchange Professional. I would advise installing our trial software on a new computer then ensure you are trialing Professional or higher to enable MySQL connectivity and make an attempt to connect to it.

If the attempt is unsuccessful then Wordpress likely has some ability to export the data into some sort of usable export file that you can in turn import in to a new custom instance of MySQL thatr you install and setup.

A quick google attempt showed numerous search hits on migrating, MySQL creation and possible importation of data so it seems possible with a quick query on google so its worth investigating.

Feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

Mike Quintanilla
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Simon Freedman
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Connecting to hosted MySQL on live website #7146

I have been trying to read up on how CardExchange connects to a remote MySQL instance before I spend another $430 to upgrade from Premium to Professional.

From what I have seen I need a DB called CEGateway. My webhost will create the DB but it will have a prefix of our username. Is this compatible with the system or will it not work at all if the table is not just called CEGateway?

I wish to connect CE to my Wordpress DB which holds my Membership user details, from which I need to print cards and update the user_meta table to indicate a card has been printed.
Will Professional do this with push/pull functionality?

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